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Sedation Dentist in Edmonton

Anxiety about going to the dentist? We have several sedation options to help! If you’re unsure what dental sedation options are available to help you or a family member have a safe and more comfortable dental visit, give us a call @ 780-758-5433 with any questions you may have. All services are performed by a general dentist.

Dental Anxiety: Comfort with Dental Sedation

Do you or your child avoid the dentist due to anxiety? If so, you could be putting your dental health at risk – requiring more dental work later. Rather than avoid these important appointments, we recommend working with us to find a way to help you feel safe and comfortable at the dentist. Reasons for dental anxiety are numerous. From previous dental trauma to bad experiences with other practitioners to claustrophobia and sensory processing disorders – we have seen it all. While we can’t change the past, we can sure partner with you to build your confidence and level of comfort at the dentist.
Handling dental anxiety begins by acknowledging that this is quite common, and you are not alone! Sharing your concerns with your dentist and feeling heard and validated can go a long way in decreasing your discomfort. With strong rapport, you and your dentist have the best chance of making your visit a positive one!
We recommend customizing your experience with items from home that bring comfort – teddy bears for children, blankets or headphones can ease you into the process. Deep breathing exercises an be helpful to ease the pre-procedure jitters, and one of our assistants is always available to hold your hand and reassure you throughout the process.

Sedation dentistry Edmonton
Life Dentistry

At Life Dentistry We Offer 4
Types Of Sedation

To learn more about sedation dentistry, please explore the information sections below, or
Contact our practice to schedule an appointment.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

A mild sedation that doesn’t last long so you can drive home afterwards

Oral Conscious Sedation

A mild sedation that helps many people tolerate every day dental procedures with ease

Oral + Nitrous Sedation

A moderate sedation that is used for large or more invasive dental treatments

Intravenous Sedation

A moderate to deep sedation that is strong enough to relieve even the the most severe dental anxieties

Nervous About Sedation?

While most of our patients do not require sedation at the dentist, there is no shame in requiring it for those who do. Sedation not only helps anxious patients to relax, it shortens procedure times and improves outcomes as the dentist is able to access all areas of the mouth easily and movement is kept to a minimal allowing them to work without needing to stabilize the body for those intricate procedures that require precision.
We take a compassionate approach to sedation and encourage our patients to consider it when anxiety is proving to be burdensome for them. We offer two forms of mild sedation at our clinic: oral sedation and laughing gas.

Oral Sedation for Dental Anxiety

Oral sedation is offered in pill form using a special type of medication called a benzodiazepine. This medication is swallowed and has an onset of approximately one hour, so we often ask patients to take the medication prior to coming in for their procedure. When using oral sedation, it is important not to drive or travel alone as these medications can have a disorienting effect. The medication is what is known as a CNS (Central Nervous System) suppressant. This means it calms an anxious nervous system and allows you to feel at ease.
CNS suppressants have a hypnotic effect, which may cause drowsiness and also has muscle relaxant properties so you can say goodbye to tension headaches after your procedure. If, however, you are not able to take the time away from driving or need to return to professional responsibilities that require clear cognition, you may be best suited for another form of sedation called laughing gas.

Personalized Sedation Options for Dental Comfort

We understand that dentistry is both necessary and uncomfortable for some. There are many reasons for it – bright lights, strange sounds, and a feeling of helplessness can trigger discomfort. While we always like to try natural calming methods to help with anxiety, there is no shame in a case of jitters that you just can’t shake. In these cases, we may suggest a mild sedative to assist in alleviating anxiety. We offer oral sedation in the form of a dose of benzodiazepine, or you may prefer a shorter acting anti-anxiety approach which we can also offer – nitrous oxide.

Often called ‘laughing gas’, this gas is mixed with air and delivered to the patient through an oxygen mask placed over the nose and mouth. Nitrous oxide is a favourite of many for its re-dosing capacity (patients can re-dose just by taking several breaths through the mask), and for its short acting properties (the effects dissipate within minutes leaving the patient with no side effects or drowsiness and ready to get back to their day). Whatever your family’s needs, we are here to offer customized support.
If you have questions about these or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today!

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